We ship within the EU!*
Not from the EU? Let us know!

We ship within the EU!*
Not from the EU? Let us know!

Put up your feet and enjoy the experience of hunting for vintage items while relaxing on your sofa!

Just let us do the hunting in real life for you. We love to go out and find special and unique vintage items. It’s our way to celebrate beautifully aged treasures that can spark joy in a new home. Therefore, we only sell vintage items we are in love with and bring character to your home. 

XO Shafelly & Daan

ABOUT ank2020

ANK2020 is short for A NEW KINGDOM which was founded in 2020 by Shafelly Snijders & Daniel Barendrecht. It was the year that their house started to look like a vintage shop, instead of a home. The best thing to do was to start selling the vintage treasures they love so much, so others can enjoy those beautiful vintage items. 

So the hunt for vintage treasures continues!!!

Of course, selling more and more vintage items. Going on more hunts for vintage treasures. But since we believe in A NEW KINGDOM with much more love and respect for our planet we are also conscious of how we work. 

Of course, finding new homes for vintage items is one thing. But we also are mindful of the materials we use. We recycle packaging materials and we buy new ecological materials for packaging. Also when we upholster or upcycle vintage furniture, we use ecological paint and fabric. We’re not 100% ecological, but we always carefully make the most ecological choice to do the things we do. 

with love for our planet


Daan & Shafelly are a laid-back duo who love to connect with their customers. For them, it’s very important to help their customers as much as possible while shopping at their online vintage shop. They love to enjoy life to the fullest, so that’s what they also want for their customers.

Start your hunt for your vintage treasure here! Soon you can  put your feed up and relax on your newfound vintage sofa! 
Like a Queen on your throne in your own new Kingdom 🙂

Happy Hunting!
much love 
Shafelly & Daan